Water Damage Restoration

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

If you have ever had a leaking roof, or a broken pipe in your house you know what a mess that water can cause. You also probably know how much damage that water can cause even long after the standing water is removed. Dealing with a water damage emergency quickly and following up on any or all possible damage created from that water can save you not only thousands of dollars in damages, but your family’s health as well.

Sources of Possible Water Damage

While floods are the main cause of major water damage to homes and businesses, there are many other sources of water damage that can harm your home and your health. These sources include:

  • Breaches in storm drain protocol
  • Broken city water mains
  • Heavy rains and leaking roofs
  • Leaks in basements or crawls spaces
  • Broken water pipes or appliance hoses
  • Broken or plugged toilets
  • Plugged sinks or tubs
  • Broken fish tanks
  • Radiator leaks

The minute water enters your home, it begins causing damage. In some cases, the water is discovered immediately, in others it may not be discovered for hours or even days giving the water a chance to sink into floor, carpeting, walls, and other surfaces causing both seen and unseen damage. Taking action immediately upon finding the water will reduce the amount of damage your home will suffer in the long run.

Alameda Carpet Cleaners 24 hour Emergency Water Damage Service

Water Damage emergencies don’t just happen between the hours of 9 to 5, which is why our water damage technicians are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. These technicians stay on call because they believe you deserve the help you need when you need it and will provide you with the services you need both during the water damage emergency and following through once the emergency is over.

Some of the services our water damage technicians supply includes:

  • Temporary Emergency Repairs- If water is still entering your home or business our emergency technicians will find where water is entering your home, and make emergency repairs to prevent any more water from entering your home.
  • Water Extraction- Once we have stopped the flow of water, we will then set up our powerful water extraction equipment and remove any and all standing water preventing it from doing any further damage to your home.
  • Drying Things Up- Our water removal technicians will also use powerful dehumidifies and fans to dry up excess moisture from your walls, floors, furniture, and even the air. The faster you get all dampness dried up the more damage you can prevent including the growth of bacteria and mold and mildew.
  • Clean up- Our emergency water damage technicians will also help you to clean up the mess left behind due to that water damage including sanitizing and mold and mildew treatments. They will also clean carpets and furniture should they need it, including removing any stains and odors.
  • Permanent Repairs- Once clean up is completed our technicians will help you to identify any needed repairs and make those repairs for you.

To learn more about water damage services or in case of water damage emergency just give us a call at 510-210-1590 and we will be there to give you the help you need any time that you need it.

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